Paul Bethe

Would your system get this one right?



West East
AKJ3 T9764
T874 63
K42 97
72 QT65

This hand proved to be a problem for many pairs in the 1st session of the Silodor Open Pairs.  Some Norths opened 1NT, were raised to 3 and lost the first 5 tricks.  2=5=3=3 with 15-17 can be a tough hand to open 1, as what to do when partner responds 1♠, so with 15-16 I might well open 1N.  However, on this hand, with all prime, I would open 1 and plan to rebid 2N if partner responded 1♠.  At some tables, I understand that some Norths stayed with the upgrade, and thus raised 1N to 2N (also what I would have done).  At this point if south has the 3-card limit raise that went through a forcing or semi-forcing 1NT, he should cuebid at the 4-level, or bid game.  Thus with a good Hx like this hand make a rebid of 3H (or 3D transfer, if you play them).  North, aware that S did not bid 1S, knows the opponents have 8+ spades, and can try 4H in the 5-2.

Amusingly at my table East bid a light 1S over 1H, and now we had no problem avoiding 3N to settle in 4H.

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BlairMay 2nd, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Paul, I agree that the North hand should be opened 1Heart. It’s not the doubleton spade that bothers me, it’s the size and speed of tricks available on this hand that just demand that the first attempt for a plus should start with a suit….over a 1 spade response I could live with any number of bids. 2NT , 2 Clubs both come to mind as a slight favorite over the 1NT rebid, which seems a tad soft for the values of this hand, though also within the range, especially if you play that a NT opener cannot hold a five card major ( I know, xxxxx is not the same as AQJ9x .)

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